How Clothing Are Made

Nowadays, clothes play a significant role in our daily life. The type of clothes we choose to wear tends to talk a lot about our personal sense of style, personality, our outlook towards life, and our attitude in general. However, have you ever wondered how clothing is made? How many steps does it take to make a garment? Today this blog post will take a look into our clothing factory, maybe you will find the answer.


1. Design

Every clothing starts with design. All high-quality clothes come from good design drawings which need to be considered from the aspects of style, structure, outline, shape and use of lines, size and proportion, the combination between various cutting.
After countless days and nights of inspiration collision and deliberation, our designers aim to breed delicate clothes that are slim, dignified or personalized.

2. Selecting the Material

Next, choose materials and ingredients.
If the design is the soul of clothing, the material is the body. In order to provide you with the most comfortable and fashionable wearing experience, we pick up high-end and comfortable materials with unique design elements.

3. Pattern Making

FIKADAY has worked closely with patternmakers who have over decades of experience. They are good with apparel processes and pattern-making skills. In order to create a good pattern, our patternmakers take the whole consideration of pattern size, color, shape, and fabrics. Once a pattern is complete, the majority of patternmakers will then sew together a test garment to ensure that a pattern is useful and accurate.

4. Cutting the fabric

The following step is garment cutting. Patterns were printed on the special paper that stuck to the fabric seamlessly, so when the cutting was done nothing would slide. The same types of fabric articles are layered on top of each other like a cake and cut in bulk.

5. Sewing

Checking that everything was adjusted properly, it is time to begin laying out the set and sewing together the pieces. The whole process also includes some special manufacturing technology, such as digital printing, pyrography, embroidery, breading, washing, etc.


6. Inspection

Inspection is one of the most important steps during the whole manufacturing process. Once the sample dress is sewed, the inspector will check it and ensure every detail is in accordance with the design drawing.
After making everything is correct, there is a fitting part. It means we will find some model to try on the sample dress to make sure comfort and fitness.

7. Quality Assurance

Then for every new batch, our QC will take them to the sampling to check the measurements, material, size against the requirements of the customer.
Our principle: Offer the Best Quality, Pursue Excellence. We value the most of the quality of our clothing.

8. Finally, Packing

The last step is coming! As you can see from the pictures, our workers were ironing and packing clothes. Each piece of clothes shall be folded neatly as required and put into the package bag with our logo and the SURPRISING PRESENT!!
Once the customer places an order, we will deliver them ASAP.
Make every customer dress what they love is our wishes. Would you want to view more of our products, Let's start your online shopping, CLICK IT: www.

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