Our Story


FIKADAY is a high-end e-commerce brand that selects high-quality products to provide people with a high quality of life. Click to a better life.


FIKA, which means "Coffee break" in Swedish, is an attitude of taking a break from a busy life to enjoy coffee and dessert, enjoy a better life. FIKADAY advocates the value propositions of diversified life. We believe that everyone can leave the choice of life to themselves and live the way they like. FIKADAY strictly selects each product, focusing on product design, material technology, comfortable experience, high-end quality. With a simple and unobtrusive design concept, FIKADAY brings consumers high-quality inspirational goodies to achieve the lifestyle that everyone likes.

The Original Intention of FIKADAY

Solve users' problems and make the choice easier!Users often face the following problems:It is easy to buy cheap goods, but hard to buy good ones.It is easy to buy fashionable clothes, but hard to buy high-end brand clothes with high quality and fashion.FIKADAY, focuses on the design and selection of high-end brand goods, each one is a boutique.