Our clothes use a three-dimensional beading process, high-grade beadwork sewn and nailed to the fabric, highlighting the exquisite and advanced, which makes you different.


Our garments make extensive use of embroidery, one of China's traditional crafts. Suzhou embroidery is elegant and clear, Cantonese embroidery is vivid and pretty, Shu embroidery is flat and bright, Hunan embroidery is rich-colored and beautiful, each one is a visual feast.

Cashmere Wool

Luxurious cashmere helps to keep you warm while absorbing sweat, keeping you cozy and comfortable. Our knitwear is algorithmically knit to fit a variety of body types with seamless technology to avoid holes at the seams.

Our Story

FIKA, which means "Coffee break" in Swedish, is an attitude of taking a break from a busy life to enjoy coffee and dessert, enjoy a better life.

With a simple and unobtrusive design concept, FIKADAY brings consumers high-quality inspirational goodies to achieve the lifestyle that everyone likes.

Your Modern Luxury Destination.